National Fitness Day 2017 : Championing the fun and festivities with Beat The Street

By 25th September 2017News

Blog by Intelligent Health on behalf of Colchester Borough Council and Livewell Colchester

Beat The Street is a fun, free game for the people of Colchester to see how far they can walk, cycle and run from one ‘beatbox’ to the next.The ultimate challenge will be whether the accumulated distance travelled by the community will be enough to take the community “around the world”!

The UK is one of the most inactive nations in Europe. Rates of obesity are increasing dramatically, and the financial burden of related health conditions means that there is an urgent need to look at initiatives that focus on prevention.

For Intelligent Health, embedding physical activity into the lives and communities of people nationwide is top of the agenda. This is why it made perfect sense for Intelligent Health to become ukactive members in December 2015.

GP Dr William Bird, CEO and founder of Intelligent Health states that “physical activity has more health benefits than any other single intervention and is the means to a healthy community”.

Yes, physical activity needs to be a priority but for people to change their perspectives on activity, it also needs to be fun. For the Beat the Street initiative, fitness is a return to the community – encouraging people to connect, have fun, and be active together.

Offering incentives and providing links between different community events throughout the area, the game encourages people to make physical activity an integrated part of the day-to-day, whilst improving social cohesion by linking the community together.

As a mass participation initiative, Beat the Street would be a great way to champion the fun and festivities of National Fitness Day on Wednesday 27th September!

Beat The Street recognises the need to understand and address some of the barriers in order to realise long term behaviour change, by creating a social norm around walking and cycling.

It’s this understanding of personal barriers that makes Beat the Street and programmes like ukactive’s Let’s Get Moving go hand in hand, with a Let’s Get Moving in Colchester team already racking up the points.

On average, the proportion of people meeting the physical activity guidelines increased from 40% to 50% after taking part in Beat the Street. In 2015, 1 out of every 7 adults said they were inactive at the start of Beat the Street. By the end of playing, 78% of these people reported that they had become more active.

So, why not get involved?! Collect a card from one of the leisure world or library distribution points, register online and start playing from 20th September!

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