National Fitness Day 2017 : National Fitness Day 2017 Announced!

By 23rd August 2017August 30th, 2017News

Blog by National Fitness Day 2017 Blogger Mirka Moore

Last year I came across National Fitness Day on Twitter, and I am very pleased to say the date for this year has just been announced, so put Wednesday 27th September 2017 in your diary!

This day encourages the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity across the UK.

The vision for National Fitness Day 2017 is to deliver the biggest and widest reaching National Fitness Day ever, engaging new audiences from the inactive to the already active across a range of settings from the home to the high street, the office to the gym, while also encouraging people to just pick up their old trainers and get moving.

National Fitness Day represents the ideal opportunity to reach out to everyone in the UK to try a new fitness activity, get moving, visit new venues, or see what new classes they might enjoy – all for free!

National Fitness Day is organised by ukactive, the UK’s leading not-for-profit body for the physical activity sector. In 2016 National Fitness Day saw over 18,000 events held across the UK getting a million people active on the day. It also trended at number 1 on Twitter!


As part of National Fitness Day there will be a running social media campaign – #Fitness2Me which aims to celebrate what fitness means to people, promoting that keeping physically active means something different to us all.

So what does Fitness mean to me?

I have had a great example in my father who always used to be very active and sporty. He used to play football, ice-hockey, ski, play tennis. He was a great role model for me, and I have always been active since a very young age and have been encouraging the same with my two daughters.

When I was at school swimming and skiing used to be my favourite sports. As a teenager I used to love aerobic and step-aerobic classes. Later on as an adult living in sunny Sydney for a years I was introduced to power-walking, and running. That was back in 2000, soon after the Olympics in Sydney. I quickly fell in love with exercising outside and have never looked back.

Moving to London in 2005 and becoming a mum meant many life changes for me, but I was determined to keep fit. With my older daughter it took me nearly 2 years to lose all the gained pregnancy weight. Buggy-running was what I went for, and would recommend to any woman runner who struggles with childcare and wants to go for a run.

The second pregnancy was much easier for me, as I kept fit while swimming until I was 38 weeks pregnant. That also lead to gaining only a few kilos extra, and soon after giving birth I was to my usual weight, which of course is not the most important thing, but it did have a good impact on how I felt about myself. Soon after giving birth (always make sure you consult this with your GP or health visitor) I went back to buggy-running and felt so happy.

I consider myself a fit person who loves to encourage others to do the same, and honestly cannot imagine not being active and workout. Running is my way of relaxing, and throughout the years I have developed love for long distance running and have run 3 marathons so far, and cannot wait for another soon.

Fitness is vital for me, makes me happy and strongly feel should be for everyone who want to stay healthy and happy. As a mum I also feel it is very important to educate our children, get them involved from a very young age so they consider exercising something that needs to be part of their daily lives.

Come and join me. What does fitness mean to you? I would love to know!

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