National Fitness Day 2017: What Fitness Means to Me, Part 1

By 12th July 2017August 30th, 2017News

Blog by National Fitness Day 2017 Blogger Harrison Wright

On Wednesday 27th September it’s going to be National Fitness Day, so I want to talk about what fitness means to me.

When I started my health and fitness journey I never really thought about ‘fitness’ and what it means to keep fit, but since I’ve started to get fitter and do more exercise it’s become a bigger part of my life.  On part 2 of this blog I want to tell you  more about my food and healthy eating, but for now I want to explain to you about my exercise, and how keeping active plays a massive part in my health Journey.

Getting Active

I thought I was always quite active when I was younger, like most kids my age.  I enjoyed running around during break time at school, doing PE lessons and I’ve always been into football.  I don’t really know how my activity slowed down and the weight crept on, but before the end of junior school Mum saw there was a problem.

I was weighed in Year 6 as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) and we had a letter to say I was overweight.  Mum said she wasn’t surprised by it, but I know she felt sad when getting the letter even though we’d already started talking about what fitness and healthy eating was.

I can remember going shopping with my Mum and being angry and sad because none of the clothes I wanted fitted me – I wanted to get the same style of sports wear, tops and jeans that my mates were wearing but because I had to have bigger sizes they all looked stupid when I tried them on, too long in the arms or legs.  I think Mum was upset at not being able to find anything, and when we got home she told me we were going to change our lifestyle.

We started to talk about exercise and eating well, and she said that losing weight would give me more energy and keep me more healthy.  I had been feeling lazy and I realise now that it was because I was overweight, which is probably also the reason I never got picked for the school football team – I needed to be more faster and stronger.  We started planning how I could do more exercise and I began doing classes at the gym, where I now do all sorts of cool things like battle ropes, boxing, light weights and spin classes.

I’m not going to lie, I hated it at first! I would rather have been doing anything else than exercise. The healthy eating regime took a time to get used too – cutting back on the food I really liked was hard.  Once I started to see the difference in my fitness levels I found the exercise started to become a bit more easier and I started to enjoy some of the sessions I was doing – especially the gym workouts – I can’t imagine ever giving it up now, it’s help me get into a local football team.

What Next?

Football has always been my favourite sport, but since starting secondary school I’ve also had a go at rugby and found I really enjoyed that too.  The only problem is that we only do so much of each sport a term, so by the time I’ve started to get the hang of it and am beginning to feel I’m getting good, we’ve moved onto the next thing.

My GCSEs are still some way off and I don’t need to decide on subjects to take for a couple of years, but I’m starting to think about taking PE as one of my options.  I like the idea of trying out different sports, and maybe showing other kids who are not as sporty that you don’t have to be skinny or thin to do sport or be active and how good it can make you feel.

I hope I’ll not go back to being as low on energy as I was before I started my health and fitness journey, and I really want to keep up my gym workouts and football I’ve taken up.   I now have more motivation than I did when I started my journey and I don’t want that to stop.  I know there’s still room for improvement and more I could be doing, and I will get there!

I hope I can show other kids and teenagers how much better life can be when you start making small changes to get more active.  Maybe my journey could even encourage others to take that first step on National Fitness Day.

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