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Harry Cleary – Movember Case Study

By 6th September 2023September 7th, 2023Case Studies

Name: Harry Cleary

Age: 25

What is your ‘why’ for exercising?

I took up running 6 months ago after the passing of my father. It has been an invaluable outlet for me, as I sought solace and direction amidst the haze of the extreme emotions I was experiencing.

It’s placed me in the happiest and healthiest shape of my life, both physically and mentally, helping transform the toughest year of my life into the best year of my life.

The culmination of my training will be during my Movember 2023 campaign. I am running 4 x 56km ultra marathons in memory of my Dad, who sadly passed away at just 56 years old. 

What advice would you give to someone around using physical activity to improve their mental health?

Positive coping mechanisms are indescribably vital during challenging and tumultuous periods in one’s life.

My advice would be find a sport or activity you enjoy, start slow, set achievable short term targets to maintain motivation, and (try) enjoy every minute.

Always remind yourself of why you started, as it will always answer your question of whether you should keep going.